A multidisciplinary education is indispensable for the citizens of the future to deal with the changes the digital revolution will require.
Josephine Neil
Irish proposal would see controversial new laws introduced
Dermot Kavanagh
Episode #36 – Croatian local electionsListen now (26 min) | Kaja Pavlinić, president of the non-profit organisation Sustainable Development Forum Green Window in Zagreb, and vice-president …
Dermot Kavanagh
Former Bosnian Serb military general has conviction for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes upheld.
Dermot Kavanagh
The EU'S Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base
Federico De Rosa
Articles and podcasts to start your weekend
Dermot Kavanagh
An interview with Psychedelight, the international theatre company who are re-humanising the image of refugees.
Elizabeth Donnelly
Episode #35 – Foreign affairs and EU foreign policyListen now (43 min) | Israel/Palestine, Belarus, Western Sahara
Dermot Kavanagh, Paco Ruzzante, and Francesco Galetta
Episode #34 – Wie steht es um die opposition in Polen? (The opposition in Poland)Listen now (52 min) | Arbury Road's first German language podcast
Arturo Bjørklund Winters
A one-state solution and a Just Peace for two peoples
Francesco Galetta
GET INVOLVED: International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and BiphobiaToday marks the 17th annual International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. Let us know what you think: what changes do we need …
Dermot Kavanagh
It’s been a busy week at Arbury Road HQ, but we wouldn’t change it for the world! In case you missed anything this week, here’s your roundup of the top…