Arbury Road is an online magazine with the goal of discussing political ideas with the general public. It is one of the publications of the Arbury Foundation, a non-profit political organisation created to discuss the role of the European Union and promote its integration and improvement. Initially founded by 2 Cambridge PhD candidates, Arbury now has members and contributors across Europe and beyond.

At Arbury, we want to contribute to a general redefinition of values ​​and re-evaluation of priorities in our society. We want to give a voice to people who do not share the liberal elites’ blind optimism for the future, as well as understand our differences and develop common resolutions to problems, rather than create division. As such, we will explore many different themes and we will interview different people. We will have a series of articles and podcasts on austerity and circular economy, on the environmental crisis and the green new deal, on migration and the different dimensions of citizenship, on research and how it can contribute to society. That’s not all, as we will also have series analysing the real-life experiences of citizens, trying to understand their day-to-day problems and to find solutions.

Arbury Road wants to put the expertise of its members and collaborators, acquired during their studies and professional experiences, to the service of the general good and to define a new system of values ​​which can dictate a new political agenda. Arbury Road wants to campaign widely and guide this new agenda for Europe, to win back the heart of its citizens.

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